Playing the generation 1 and 2 Pokémon games in modern times can be difficult when going past the surface level. Googling various questions about the games often lead to old, disorganized forum threads, FAQ sites, and wiki pages, making researching RBY/GSC and their associated games a game of telephone from two decades ago.

This site serves as both a roadmap to get the most enjoyment out of generation 1/2 Pokémon for the hardcore player, but also as a passion project to just talk about these often forgotten Pokémon games. It isn't just a list of information and stats, but also gives direction on what there even is to do in generations 1 and 2, and why it's worth trying. If you've ever wanted to clear the Crystal Battle Tower, 100% the Stadium games on the N64, or just want to become more intimate with these classic Pokémon games, this is the place.

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12/21/21 - Added extensive information complete with images to the buying advice sections of the games and hardware guide. Still working on the other pages in the guide! Also added a guestbook.

12/17/21 - Wrote an "about me" page, started the games and hardware guide, and fixed up some more backend stuff. Things are coming along...

12/15/21 - First article added! Fixed up some backend stuff too so editing the site in the future should be easier. Also added a method of contact.

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